City Star Shopping Center 1397/02/26

Citystar Shopping and Entertainment Center is located in the heart of the Spad tourism business district and with easy access from the edge of the belt of Mashhad is one of the most prominent shopping centers in Mashhad. City Star with modern architecture and creative design of public spaces on a land with an area of ​​9,400 square meters and 72,000 square meters of infrastructure is being constructed by the Star Civil Development Company of the city of Page. The 9-storey complex includes 230 commercial units, covered and open parking lots, hypermarket, food court, food villa, mini city (small town), amusement park, carousel, restaurant and numerous coffee shops, rock climbing walls and roof garden. Existence of numerous skylights and a wide central window add to the beauty of the interior of the project and the extraordinary lighting gives a unique effect to the night view of this large building. Anticipating multiple entrances to the project and proximity to the highway will make it easier for citizens and travelers to access. Adjacent to the park and green space on the east side of the project and finally adjacent to the public parking lot with a capacity of more than 250 cars, are other advantages of Citystar Shopping and Entertainment Center.


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