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Mashhad as the second metropolis in Iran with more than 25 million pilgrims and tourists each year worth a modern complex in order to meet the needs of citizens, pilgrims and tourists.

Constructing City Star shopping and recreational center in the hub of tourist trade is in this regard.

The project land area is 9400 square meters and the substructure is more than 73000 square meters. The trade substructure is 49500 square meters including 240 business units with 24000 square meters.

Introducing attractions

Project particular position

Adjacent to highway and easy access for pilgrims and citizens Neighboring successful projects of Sepad tourism’s region Existing park and green space in the east side of the project

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Project architecture features

Artistic combination of Ferris wheel and project building for the first time in the country Multiple entries, wide corridors, large skylights, beautiful central Wade which made the project interior space very refreshing

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Combination of Ferris wheel and the building

The structure of Ferris wheel and the commercialcomplex building have combined to each other For the first timeand with effort of project executive team the st

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Food court

Nowadays, food and beverages department is consideredfor all modern commercial complexes.Layout studies of food and beveragesdepartment in business floors have been conducted with keeping the proportionof this department and the commercial net substructure

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Presence of reputable brands

Every commercial complex requires two important features to success: First, appropriate and desirable design and implementation, second, proper management of start-up and exploit.City Star recreational and shopping center can be one of the best commercial complexes

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Small City

Small city, is the title of jobs’ city in City Starwhich aims to familiarize children with different jobs and increase theirsocial skills. Around 50 careers will create in small town so that childrenselect one or more careers based on their interests

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Latest News


Holding Spaghetti structure competition of Ferris wheel

In the last days of 1394 year, Spaghetti structure competition was held by the effort of City Star project’s managers. A competition aimed to choose the best structure for the Ferris wheel of the City Star shopping and recreational center. In this competition, a diverse group o…

October 23, 2016

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Holding architecture competition

Architecture competition of City Star shopping and recreational center was held in two parts, idea and design, in summer 92. In this competition 12 teams whom they were reputable consultants in the country were selected and competed with each other. Gentlemen Dr Ali Abdolalizadeh…

October 23, 2016

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Transferring sale’s organization to a new place

Sale’s organization of City Star shopping and recreational center was established from the beginning of the project construction. This organization has two main goals in its agenda: Firstisresponding investment enthusiasts and commercial units buyers. For achieving this goal, t…

October 23, 2016

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Holding “Business Development Principles” educational seminar

Nowadays in big complexes the most elements of today’s lifestyles such as social interactions, economical relations, retail principles, mutual rights of seller and purchaser have manifested. Prerequisite for the success and prosperity of commercial complexes is the presence of …

July 2, 2016

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Holding a meeting to introduce small city

City Star Civil Development Company held a magnificent celebration in order to introduce children career’s city, “Small city” and they showed their determination in making this cultural educational action. A celebration which had the honor of presenting some dominate artist…

July 2, 2016

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Labor’s day celebration

Labor’s day celebration held with the participation of more than 300 municipal managers, project engineers. This event was held by participation of Mr.Ghalandar, the mayor of region 2, Mr.Manzelabadi, CEO of Sepad Company, project investors, engineers, workers and the effort of…

July 2, 2016

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