During last two decades, with urban physical development and changes in lifestyle, economic activities have changed relating to time conditions and terms.

These changes have caused constructing modern complexes so that with having every kind of product in a place and also making the availability easier in big citiesprovide a place for shopping and entertainment.

Mashhad as the second metropolis in Iran with more than 25 million pilgrims and tourists each year worth a modern complex in order to meet the needs of citizens, pilgrims and tourists.

Constructing City Star shopping and recreational center in the hub of tourist trade is in this regard.

The project land area is 9400 square meters and the substructure is more than 73000 square meters. The trade substructure is 49500 square meters including 240 business units with 24000 square meters.

Introducing attractions

1) Combination of Ferris wheel and the building

The structure of Ferris wheel and the commercial complex building have combined to each other For the first time and with effort of project executive team the st. In this project architectural and engineering problem solving is the outcome of collaboration and creativity of some experts such as chosen professors, teachers and artists. Adding Ferris wheel to the project gives it a unique feature and distinguishes the complex among all commercial complexes in the country or even in the world.

The Ferris Wheel of City Star complex has 85 meters height and 68 meters diameter including 16 covered cabins with air conditioning service in which 4 cabins are VIP and have special services. Innovative combination of commercial departments, amusement park and Ferris wheel has made City Star’s Shopping and recreational center to a complete complex for buying, meeting needs, recreation and spending leisure time.

2) Project particular position

  • Adjacent to highway and easy access for pilgrims and citizens
  • Neighboring successful projects of Sepad tourism’s region
  • Existing park and green space in the east side of the project
  • Adjacent to outdoor public car park with a capacity of more than 350 units

3) Project architecture features

  • Artistic combination of Ferris wheel and project building for the first time in the country
  • Multiple entries, wide corridors, large skylights, beautiful central Wade which made the project interior space very refreshing
  • Public furniture and equipment and waterfront that increase the joy and dynamism of project spaces
  • Urban televisions used in building’s body provide shopkeeper’s advertisement, in addition to the beauty of the building.
  • Easy movement and access to inner spaces and different floors, through designing entrances and various horizontal and vertical connections
  • Elegant lightening of the project gives wonderful effect to the night scenery of the building

4)Presence of reputable brands

Every commercial complex requires two important features to success: First, appropriate and desirable design and implementation, second, proper management of start-up and exploit.

City Star recreational and shopping center can be one of the best commercial complexes in the country, due to its exposure to Sepad tourism and commercial zone and its modern and elegant architecture.It is also trying to witness the prosperity of the project with detailed and comprehensive schedule of the job’s definition and choosing qualified and reputed buyers. Therefore, in order to make exchange and variety of different stores in one or more relating classes, the necessary planning has been conducted for reputable brands in City Star shopping and recreation center. Some agreements among several domestic and foreign Brand were signed already. Negotiations have been carrying with other domestic and foreign well reputed brands.

5) Food court

Nowadays, food and beverages department is considered for all modern commercial complexes.Layout studies of food and beverages department in business floors have been conducted with keeping the proportion of this department and the commercial net substructure. Considering to diversity and covering all needs relating to food and beverages department has performed as an axis of the studies. The study also required complying with health standards and relevant unions in City Star shopping and recreation center.

Food court complex is intended in the third floor of the shopping center with more than3000 meters area and 9 meters height. Since food court is located near the Ferris wheel, it is possible to serve food in VIP cabins.

6) Small City

Small city, is the title of jobs’ city in City Star which aims to familiarize children with different jobs and increase their social skills. Around 50 careers will create in small town so that children select one or more careers based on their interests. Some social and cultural goals of jobs’ city are follows:  would contribute to joy the happiness would be come , transmitting Islamic and Iranian concepts, promoting children’s education in economics and financial literacy, strengthening social communication and interactions in the field of business communication and involvement.