October 23, 2016

Transferring sale’s organization to a new place


Sale’s organization of City Star shopping and recreational center was established from the beginning of the project construction. This organization has two main goals in its agenda:

Firstisresponding investment enthusiasts and commercial units buyers. For achieving this goal, they respond clients every day with introducing physical features of the project and its attractions, providing schedules and prices with unit separation in project presentation’s meeting.

The second goal is informing pre-buyers. News related to the project executed is given to the pre-buyers through Telegram channel and holding group visiting. Answering the questions and solving their problem by sale’s manager is the most important effort to come this aim true.

One of the most important duties of sale’s organization is price determination and payment methods based in market analysis and economic engineering techniques. Other responsibilities of sale’s organization is publishing Ferris wheel quarterly magazine, holding educational seminars for pre-buyers, inviting great businessmen, identifying domestic and foreign brands and inviting them.


Selling commercial units is not the only purpose of sale’s organization, however believes that selling should be done by looking at the operation. Therefore, it tries to delegate commercial units to business owners of relating determined classes in City Star shopping and recreation center. Now, more than 80 percent of the commercial unit’s purchasers are market economic actors and about 20 percent of them are related to other occupations.

Fortunately, due to the appropriate financial support of appreciated investors, we have the desirable physical progress in City Star recreation and shopping center project.

In the current year, according to the determined schedule of the second phase, the sale’s organization is transferred to the project, on the corner of 5thBaharestan, Sepad zone and it is available to answer investment’s enthusiasm and purchasing commercial units of this project every day of a week from 8:00 to 16:00.