October 23, 2016

Holding Spaghetti structure competition of Ferris wheel


In the last days of 1394 year, Spaghetti structure competition was held by the effort of City Star project’s managers. A competition aimed to choose the best structure for the Ferris wheel of the City Star shopping and recreational center. In this competition, a diverse group of engineers, architects and students participated; spaghetti structureswere shown in shape of Ferris wheel and finally the top threestructures were honored.

Spaghetti structures are structures that are made by spaghetti and glue. These structures design load in smaller size than their real size. Meanwhile, the structures that withstand greater load will be more successful. Bridge, tower cranes and building frame structures are the most common spaghetti competitions. Each year, the majority of universities and higher education institutes, hold spaghetti structure competitionin which it has many enthusiasts.

Recent years in some shopping malls such as “Dream mall” in Taiwan and “HEP Five” in Japan Ferris wheel structure integrated to the shopping center building and theyare very welcome.

As regards, City Starshopping and recreational center also plans to integrate the Ferris wheel with the building project; we try to use creativity and innovation in order to have the different Ferris wheel in Mashhad, the second religious metropolis of the world. Therefore, the most important purpose of this competition has been to have more relationship with universities and utilizing the new and creative ideas and thoughts.

In this competition, 25 teams announced from all around the country, finally 9 designs came to us and three of them were honored.