July 2, 2016

Holding “Business Development Principles” educational seminar

10-min (1)

Nowadays in big complexes the most elements of today’s lifestyles such as social interactions, economical relations, retail principles, mutual rights of seller and purchaser have manifested.

Prerequisite for the success and prosperity of commercial complexes is the presence of active traders, knowledgeable and familiar with technology, business, attracting customers and ensuring their satisfaction and is creating profitable customers.

City Star shopping and recreational center has gathered the best businesses from the market with this belief and by holding seminars and training course related to business skills, in addition to providing educational services to their target audiences, they improve  their business prosperity  in the project.

In this regard, educational seminar named “Business Skills” was held on 5/31/94. Doctor Sheikhzadeh was elected for the course professor. He holds a doctoral degree in business administration and he is the founder of “TejaratNamaieTous” and economic holding of Emkan. He also is the author of 15 books in economics and marketing including the “money creative marketing “, “step-up ads,” “remarketing Iranian Style” and step-up market.