July 2, 2016

Holding a meeting to introduce small city


City Star Civil Development Company held a magnificent celebration in order to introduce children career’s city, “Small city” and they showed their determination in making this cultural educational action. A celebration which had the honor of presenting some dominate artists and actors in children and teenagers part of the country and tried to propose the real and beyond parent’s imagination and cultural investors of small town.

In this ceremony which was held in Mashhad, Pars Hotel we have hosted 500 people of great businessmen and different careers and also intellectuals.

The presence of artists and intellectuals in group of investors showed how important is the attention to children and teenagers’ needs. Presence of professor Shah mohammadlou (MrHekayati) and RaziehBoroumand (dubbing at KhouneMadarbozorge), Professor Rahmandoust (veteran of literature and poem) MsRezaie (lovely hostess in children’s shows on television), director of children’s programs, professor HormozHedayat (dubbing at KhouneMadarbozorge) and MsPourmokhtar (dubbing at Zizigoulou), indicated that when a big decision has taken, all interested and sympathetic people will come together until the end.